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Cabinet foot pull open cabinet doors - ToeIn cabinet opener

Inventors of Viral Foot Operated Door Opener Release Innovative Product For Opening Cabinets

(FAIR GROVE, MO) — StepNpull, the Fair Grove based inventors of market-leading foot operated door openers, announced the invention and release of a new product called ToeIn.

The new innovation allows users to conveniently open cabinet doors around the house or office with their feet. The product discretely and easily installs on the inside of a cabinet door via sturdy 3M tape and optional wood screws to securely mount the ToeIn.

Opening cabinet door with foot, cabinet pull foot opener

“We are thrilled to launch a new and innovative product that can be used in nearly any home or business. It’s also a creative way to further our mission of making StepNpull a household name around the world,” said StepNpull Co-Inventor and President Mike Sewell.

Since inventing StepNpull in 2007, owners Kelly Coddington, Ron Ely, and Mike Sewell never stopped attempting to improve the design and functionality of their original product, and that’s where ToeIn was born.

The three partners had the idea for ToeIn in 2021, and Coddington was tasked with creating the initial prototype, it was then named by Ron Ely. After over a year of product research and development, the StepNpull team stealth launched the product online for a market test. Building StepNpull over the last 15 years allowed inventors Kelly, Ron and Mike to immediately recognize they were onto something after an incredibly positive market reaction.

cabinet pull door opener, cabinet door opener, clear door opener

“From the time we created StepNpull, we dreamed of creating another great product inspired by the original idea,” said Coddington.

Ron Ely noted “We tested various products over the years, and this cabinet opener was another eureka moment. It’s an inexpensive B2C product that millions around the world can use.”

ToeIn is designed to allow users to open cabinet doors with the top of their foot, simply by pulling back on the product installed at the lowest part of a cabinet.

The business and consumer product can be installed in commercial and residential kitchens, bathrooms, offices, pantries and more.

The ToeIn is available in 4-packs on Amazon and the StepNpull website for only $14.95. Packaging includes 4 ToeIn units, 16 optional installation screws, and an installation cleaning wipe. The acrylic ToeIn is translucent in color, making it discrete when installed on cabinet doors.

ToeIn cabinet pulls 4-pack, clear acrylic door pull


About StepNpull and creators of ToeIn StepNpull is the creator, designer, and manufacturer of the world’s leading hands-free foot door opener. The company’s patented, ADA-compliant foot-operated device mounts on any commercial latch-less wood or metal door, giving users the option of pulling the door open with their foot instead of the door handle.

StepNpull was founded in 2007 by Mike Sewell, Ron Ely and Kelly Coddington, who previously worked together in the telecommunications industry. The company is headquartered in Fair Grove, Missouri and has manufacturing facilities and distribution partnerships around the world through parent company, KRM Innovations Inc.

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