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Free Shipping + Quantity Discounts!

The Final Step in Sanitation

StepNpull is a low-cost, easy and effective way to ensure your customers have a safe and convenient way to way to open a door hands-free.

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The Original Hands-Free Door Opener Since 2007

StepNpull is a foot operated door opener that works on any latch-less commercial wood or metal door. Manufactured for commercial use, it's ADA compliant, UL Certified and available in a variety of stylish finishes. 

When you invest in making your exterior, interior and restroom doors touch free you're ensuring customers have a germ-free option when entering or exiting your establishment. Simply step and pull, it's that easy!

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How to Use a Foot-Operated Door Opener

Install a StepNpull in Under 5 Minutes

StepNpull should be mounted approximately ⅛" from the bottom and and outer edge of the door.

1. Mark the holes with a pencil while holding the StepNpull against the door at a level mounting position.

2. Use a 5/16” bit to drill the center hole.

3. Use the sexted bolt for the middle hole.

4. Level the StepNpull Use the 1 ¼” screws for the outside holes

5. Tighten sexted bolt.

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