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5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Co-workers

5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Co-workers

Don't know what to get your co-worker for the annual holiday "party" this season?  This list highlights a few products that are perfect for your co-workers, some even the whole office will love (see #1). 

#5 Mug Warmer

Mug warmer

Mr. Coffee's Mug Warmer  - $9.99

Make sure Joe's cup of joe stays warm all morning with a convenient mug warmer. The company states in their F.A.Q, 

"The mug warmer keeps the temperature at about 212 degrees fahrenheit."

After double-checking my college biology book I can confirm that 212° is, in fact, the temperature of boiling water. THAT'S REALLY HOT. Mr. Coffee has us terrified and excited at the same time to try out their mug warmer at the office. The product includes an on/off switch as well as an extended power cord so it can reach all the way around your desk. 

#4 Decision Paperweight

Decision paperweight

Paperweight from Uncommon Goods - $18.00

Is your co-worker notorious for not making decisions? This sturdy paperweight made from aluminum doubles as an executive decision-maker so they can finally make up their mind by just spinning the wheel. This trinket is a perfect opportunity to take a friendly jab at your boss while being "thoughtful" at the same time.

#3 Virtual Keyboard

virtual keyboard

Laser keyboard/mini speaker from ShowMe(TM) - $29.95

A little bit pricy for a co-worker, but what's wrong with spending a little extra this holiday season to make Cindi's workday a little bit more interesting? The product slings out a futuristic red keyboard to type on and doubles as a BlueTooth speaker. Charge the upgraded 1000mAh battery with a universal micro USB, but don't worry about draining the battery when you aren't typing. When the device is left alone for 8 seconds, it switches to the power-saving mode and dims the projection. Waking up the product is as simple as moving your finger under the projection area.

#2 Custom Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters

Wooden coasters from Urban Farmhouse Tampa - $2.99

Give a personalized gift that stands out. These handmade coasters are laser engraved in Tampa, Florida. Add your boss's name or even your company logo to show off all of that company loyalty (LOL).  Each coaster is sold individually, but at three dollars a piece you can get one made for everyone in your department without breaking the bank.

#1 Foot-operated Door Opener

foot-operated door opener

Door opener from StepNpull - $29.95 

Don't like touching the nasty bathroom door handle right after you just washed up? either. Give a gift the whole office will love. The StepNpull foot-operated door opener allows you to simply step and pull your way past germs which are clutch during flu season. Not only does it reduce the spread of disease, but it allows you to open the door when your hands are full, prevent cross-contamination, and eliminate paper towel costs when paired with an efficient hand dryer. Intended for any latch-less commercial or wooden door, the product can be installed in less than five minutes. Available in 3 finishes.

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