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How to install a StepNpull®

How to install a StepNpull®

In addition to the benefits of giving people a hands-free option to opening doors, another advantage of using StepNpull is its easy installation.

We recommend using an electric screwdriver when installing on a solid wood door, although a regular screwdriver will work. A drill is mandatory when installing on a metal door. With the proper tools, installation typically takes less than five minutes per door. 

Each StepNpull package you order will include the following items:

  • One StepNpull® Door Opener

  • Three number 12 stainless steel mounting screws

  • One sexed bolt

  • Installation instructions

  • One door decal

Here are the installation steps. Keep in mind there are slightly different instructions for wood doors and metal doors. Also, note in step #3 that there is one extra step if a wood door has a metal kickplate.

  1. Position the StepNpull so that it’s mounted approximately ⅛" from the bottom and outer edge of the door.

  2. With a pencil, make marks on the door through the holes in the StepNpull while holding it against the door at a level mounting position.

  3. If the door has a metal kickplate, drill ¼" holes where marked before moving onto the next step. Drill only through metal kickplate, not through the door.

  4. Wood Doors: Use provided screws to create a 1/4“ pilot hole. Metal Doors: Use provided screws to create a 3/16” pilot hole.

  5. Metal Doors: Use a 5/16” bit to drill the center hole while drilling through the outer metal skin. Be sure to keep the drill perpendicular to the door while drilling.

  6. All doors: Screw the sexed bolt into the center hole.

  7. Use a level to ensure the StepNpull is mounted straight.

  8. Use the provided 1 ¼" #12 screws for the two outside holes.

  9. Tighten the sexed bolt.

  10. Metal Doors: Remove any burrs and use Loctite thread locker on all bolt threads. 

  11. All doors: Open door fully and check for any interference issues with wall or floor mounted door stop.

  12. Install instructional decals above door handle.

StepNpull will work on any commercial solid core wood or metal door regardless of the door’s size or weight.

If the door is abnormally difficult to pull open, the door closer should be adjusted because it likely exceeds the maximize resistance allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To make it possible for people with disabilities to open doors in public places, the ADA mandates that interior doors require no more than 5 pounds of force to open.


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