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“Missouri-Made Product On The Front Line In The Fight Against Coronavirus”

“Missouri-Made Product On The Front Line In The Fight Against Coronavirus”

As Global Coronavirus Cases Surge, Nations Lockdown, And Travel Decreases, StepNpull Global Sales Explode As Employers Look To Create Sanitary Environments For Their Customers & Employees.



(SPRINGFIELD, MO) - A Springfield-based company that aims to reduce the spread of germs, cross-contamination, waste, and increase accessibly in the workplace has seen interest and sales surge exponentially in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic.  

StepNpull, a foot-operated door opener that mounts to the bottom of bathroom and interior doors, has seen steady growth in the past 13 years since it was invented by its founders Mike Sewell, Ron Ely, and Kelly Coddington. Over the last 13 years, many lessons have been learned and several strategic partnerships forged including their affiliation with the factory, an entrepreneurship and business resource center located in Springfield MO. However, nothing could have prepared them for the spike in demand as the COVID-19 virus has traveled beyond Wuhan, China to the rest of Asia, Europe, Africa, The Americas, Eastern Mediterranean, and Western Pacific nations.

Before the global pandemic, the product had already made it into offices of big names like Boeing, Coca-Cola, Ford, Facebook, Google, Walmart, St. Jude Research Hospital, NASA, and six branches of the U.S. Military.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, government agencies, healthcare facilities, tech giants, and universities have scrambled to create more sanitary facilities. Organizations that have flocked to the StepNpull innovation include The University of  Iowa, Central Florida, California Santa Barbara, Syracuse, and Clemson University. Major companies include The Spaceship Company, Bayer, Nissan, Wawa, and Walgreens. Last week the product was even installed in the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City, MO.

“We have been hit with an overwhelming amount of demand for the product. It’s everything you dream of as a small business owner, but we need to make sure we are responding accordingly. We have looked at every part of our supply chain, and we’re ramping up manufacturing to thousands of units a day in coordination with Missouri-based manufacturers.” says co-owner Mike Sewell.

The Missouri and American-made product is viewed as a cost-effective and simple solution that can be quickly implemented to prevent the spread of germs and increase accessibility in public facilities. StepNpull is made from 70% recycled aluminum and can be installed onto any commercial door in five minutes. 

“The social media response to our product has been the most interesting. People are tweeting to companies, to Piers Morgan, and even to The President, demanding the installation of StepNpull in all public facilities. Someone even started a petition to install our product in every McDonald’s location.” says Digital Marketing Manager Nick Simmonds.

Luckily for StepNpull, they were thinking ahead. Before the outbreak owners had established relationships with distribution partners in The United Kingdom, Slovenia, Australia, Hong Kong, and South Africa. All distributors are also seeing increased interest and sales due to the global implications of the COVID-19 virus.

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