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Whose Hands Are You Shaking?

Whose Hands Are You Shaking?

Door Handle Germs Can Infect The Office In Hours

It seems innocent enough...That coffee pot when you first get to the office, the copy machine, the door handle in the restroom after your second cup of joe.

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University of Arizona Researcher, Charles Gerba, explained that those common workplace surfaces aren't so innocent. An experiment carried out by the American Society For Microbiology shows just how fast contamination of common workplace surfaces can happen.

Using harmless tracer viruses, the researchers placed the phage on 1 to 2 commonly touched surfaces at the beginning of the day in office buildings, a conference room, and a health care facility. After various hours, they tested for phages on 60 to 100 fomites - surfaces capable of carrying infectious organisms (light switches, table tops, push buttons, sink tap handles, doorknobs, phones, and computer equipment.) 

"Within 2 to 4 hours between 40 to 60% of the fomites sampled were contaminated with the virus," says Gerba.

That is a significant number considering how easy it is to prevent contamination. The Norovirus is the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each year, it causes an estimated 19-21 million illnesses and contributes to 56,000-71,000 hospitalizations and 570-800 deaths. Touching surfaces or objects contaminated with norovirus then putting your fingers on your face or in your mouth is a common source of infection. 

You cannot prevent coworkers from not washing their hands or coming to work while they're sick...You can help reduce your risk of contracting their bug.

That's where StepNpull comes in. Correct handwashing techniques before exiting the restroom, paired with using StepNpull on the way out can heavily reduce your risk of illness in the workplace. Create peace-of-mind for yourself and StepNpull your way past germs, a convenient and easy-to-use product to stay germ-free.

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