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Will I lose my balance while using StepNpull?

Will I lose my balance while using StepNpull?

Opening a door with your foot may sound unnatural at first. Some who have not tried may expect to lose their balance. While this may be true with other foot-activated devices on the market it’s not the case with StepNpull, and here’s why:

StepNpull’s creators engineered the device to make doors as easy to open with your foot as with your hand. The product has been thoroughly tested and proven safe for over 13 years by thousands of companies that use it in their facilities. StepNpull is engineered to use the same foot motion as taking a step. If you experience any issues using the device it is typically a result of the facilities, not the StepNpull.

For example, some doors require too much force to open and may seem too heavy. These doors are likely in violation of compliance standards set by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which dictates that only 5 pounds of force should be needed to pull a door open. Most doors can be adjusted easily to comply.

Here are a couple reasons we design the StepNpull to be shaped like an L:

1)    StepNpull can be securely installed as close to the floor as possible allowing the user to maintain balance.

Other products have reversed the design and flipped the L shape. This creates more space between the foot and the floor requiring you to lift your foot off the floor higher, making it more difficult to keep your balance.

See for yourself! Stand in the middle of the room. Raise one foot a few inches off the floor. You should have no trouble maintaining your balance. Then try raising your foot higher. The further off the floor your foot goes, the less control you have over your balance. 

2)    StepNpull uses your weight to step down, then pull back to open. This mirrors the common foot motion of taking a step.

Other foot-operated door openers require you to use your foot underneath a piece and lift up and back. This can easily create a balance problem and require more strength.

3)    StepNpull allows you to stand at an angle to the door and exit like you would normally. This keeps you safe from another person barging through the door. In fact, any public restroom door must have space to the side to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

4)    Installation is located directly below the handle and is used in the same way you’d use a standard hand-operated opener.

If you grasp the door with your right hand, then you use your right foot to use the foot-operated door opener. If you use your left hand on the door handle, your left foot will open it using the StepNpull. 

We’ve truly designed StepNpull with the users in mind, providing the easiest door-opening experience with the highest level of safety in mind. Users should never lose their balance if the StepNpull is installed properly.

We made StepNpull to be truly hands-free.

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