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ToeIn - Cabinet Foot Pull Door Opener Solution (4 Pack)

  • HANDS-FREE CABINET OPENING SOLUTION: The easy-to-use foot operated, no-touch cabinet opener allows you to open cabinet doors around your office and/or home simply by using your foot. Avoid contact with commonly touched cabinet handles or open them when your hands are full. Perfect for trash bin doors, the break room, and other cabinets that usually require you to use your hands to open them.
  • STURDY AND DISCREET: Secure mounting options and the clear acrylic material of the ToeIn ® hands free cabinet door opener offers a long-lasting and non-invasive design option for your cabinet doors. Don't be deceived by the simplicity of the product, as it is designed to last years any cabinet.
  • EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION: 3M adhesive allows you to install the ToeIn cabinet foot pull quickly. Simply pull off the adhesive cover and stick it to the inside of the cabinet door. Secure the ToeIn by utilizing the 4 screw-holes that are already on the product to ensure a long-lasting cabinet opening solution.

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