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405 North Jefferson Avenue
Springfield, MO, 65806
United States


StepNpull® is a foot operated door opener that works on any commercial solid core wood or metal door. Available in three stylish finishes.

When you invest in making your restrooms touch free, yet your customers are still having to touch the dirty door handle, what's the point? StepNpull® foot operated door openers offer a low-cost and effective way to ensure your customers have  germ-free option when exiting your restroom. Simply step and pull, it's that easy! 

The StepNpull ABC's


The StepNpull ABC's

Nick Simmonds

At StepNpull we are primarily known for ensuring 100% germ-free exits in bathrooms all across the world. But the possibilities don't end at the toilet, they span across hundreds of industries and thousands of different businesses. 

To highlight the full potential of StepNpull applications, we decided to put together the ABC's of industries and different business types that can use StepNpull in their facilities.

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A: Accommodation & Amusement 

B: Building Material & Supplies

C: Chemical Manufacturing & Construction

D: Data Processing

E: Education & Electronics 

F: Fabrication, Finance & Food Services

G: General Merchandise & Gas Stations

H: Health Care & Hospitals

I: Insurance & Information Services

J: Janitorial Services

K: Kitchen Appliance & Services

L: Leisure & Hospitality

M: Machinery Manufacturing & Museums

 N: Natural Resources & Nursing

O: Oil and Gas Extraction

P: Performing Arts, Printing & Publishing Services

Q: Quality Control Professionals

R: Real Estate, Repair & Retail Trade

S: Support Activities & Service-Providing Industries

T: Telecommunications, Trade & Transportation

U: Utilities

V: Veterinarian

W: Warehousing, Waste Management & Wholesale Trade

X: xml Programming

Y: Youth Development & Yoga

Z: Zoning & Zoos



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