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Springfield-based StepNpull Adds NASA to Its List of Customers

Springfield-based StepNpull Adds NASA to Its List of Customers

(SPRINGFIELD, Mo) - A Springfield-based company, StepNpull, aims to reduce the spread of germs and promote sustainable practices is adding NASA to it’s the list of customers.

StepNpull, a foot-operated door opener, has already made it into offices of big names like Google, YouTube, Boeing, Walmart, St. Jude Research Hospital, Ford, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Army.

Other customers include establishments like McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Macy’s, IKEA, and Top Golf.

StepNpull’s creators, Mike Sewell, Ron Ely, and Kelly Coddington, all live in the Ozarks and work in Springfield, Missouri. Their product can be seen at local places like Gailey’s, Pappo’s Pizzeria, Civil Kitchen, and UPS, among others.

NASA is the latest customer to take the step. The Langley Research Center located in Hampton, Virginia is the oldest of NASA's field centers and one of StepNpull's latest customers.

“We are happy to see companies continuing to invest in sustainable practices such as StepNpull,” says co-owner Mike Sewell.

StepNpull is a foot operated-door opener that was designed to be an alternative to touching a typical door handle. The company's mission is to reduce the spread of germs and waste.

“When paired with an efficient hand-dryer, it can reduce paper towel costs because people will never have to touch a door handle on the way out of the bathroom,” says Sewell.

The company says it’s made from 70% recycled aluminum and can be installed onto any commercial door in five minutes.

For more information visit, or for interviews, call co-owner Mike Sewell/Ron Ely at (417) 839-7677. For online coverage, embed StepNpull videos from

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